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Plant rescue

Laila Faisal
2 min readFeb 22, 2023

Day 52 of 100-day Creator Challenge

My local Bunnings Warehouse (a hardware shop) has a small garden centre. Plants are not their specialty and often the plants would be looking a bit sad. At this point they go on sale at reduced price.

I bought one of those straggly looking plants on the table below and nurtured them into some nice green lushness that is now hanging in Jaime’s area.

L: The reduced price houseplant table at my local Bunnings Warehouse | R: Revived hanging in Jaime’s area

Instead of paying $35 for a potted houseplant, I visit the reduced houseplant table often and get a steal for $4 to $8.

Rescued houseplants

The Ficus/Rubber tree on the left in the picture above I bought for $4. It only had one drooping leaf on each branch. The one in the middle had dry leaves. The Peace Lily on the right had yellowing leaves. But now they all seem to thrive and are growing happily.

I like rescuing these plants. I save money and get the satisfaction of knowing that these plants don’t end up in the compost bin.



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