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North Star? Or Anchor?

Laila Faisal
1 min readFeb 25, 2023

Day 54 of 100-day Creator Challenge

Sailors used the North star as a navigational tool. The name now refers to your guiding values in life… Your mission statement.

When my friend Chris Wong helped me sort out my North Star, we found out that the North Star is actually not visible in the Southern hemisphere. It didn’t feel right for me to try and describe my North Star if I can’t even see it from where I live.

In New Zealand, an important constellation is the Southern Cross. It’s even in the national flag.

By Antonio Ferretti (Creative Commons license)

Some Māori tribes call this Te Punga, or the anchor of the great sky canoe. I like this reference to an anchor. It feels appropriate to call life values as an anchor to life decisions.

I’m still working on my anchor. I know what values are important for me. But I would love to be able to state it more explicitly.



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